Why Servoyant?

benefit reduce costs

Reduce IT Costs

Save money and company resources, reduce expenses.

  • Less IT resources/manpower needed to do a better job
  • Centralized global network management
  • Maximize current network systems assets
  • Reduce need for and dependence on specialized systems training
  • Identify waste - including power, unused licenses, unused assets, licensing costs
  • Minimize network and employee downtime by ensuring software and updates are optimally deployed at all times
  • Servoyant is a low-cost solution

benefit rapid deploy

Easy, Rapid Setup and Deployment

Manage and monitor an entire network in minutes.
With a quick signup process, provisioning templates and automated network device discovery, administrators can manage and monitor an entire network within minutes. Offered in Software as a Service (SaaS) or as an appliance, the Servoyant solution can coexist on existing equipment, and dedicated hardware is not required.

benefit productive

Increase Workforce Productivity

Less downtime for your employees means more work gets done.
Servoyant minimizes downtime by ensuring software and updates are optimally deployed at all times. Less downtime means less interruptions for local and remote users, and minimizes the need for IT resources to troubleshoot and solve these issues. Automated services, monitoring, alerts and reporting proactively identify potential problems before they cause interruptions.

benefit network efficiency

Improve Network Efficiency

Proactively keep networks healthy in order to minimize outages.
Servoyant can significantly improve the efficiency of your network, reducing demand on your network systems and IT resources. Servoyant proactively and automatically manages local and remote network devices to ensure they are protected and running optimally, and enables you to prioritize network resources based on real-time/centralized data.

benefit network security

Enhance Network Security

Ensure network systems always have the highest level of protection from intrusion.
Servoyant monitors Windows firewall and antivirus products (e.g. Symantec, McAfee, TrendMicro, AVG, Kaspersky, Microsoft Security Essentials, Vipre, and others…) to make sure they are enabled and up-to-date. Alerts and notifications occur when threats are detected.


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