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Servoyant 7.2 Update

We will be updating the Servoyant platform to release 7.2 on Wednesday, October 4, 2017. An additional message with the maintenance window will be published at least 24 hours before the scheduled update. Since this update only introduces new features and bug fixes in the admin console, the maintenance window will be minimal. After the update is completed, please be sure to clear your browser cache to make sure you receive the latest code from the platform. New features include:

  • Passportal integration - key icon in menu bar next to schedule job icon. Access your Passportal repository seamlessly from Servoyant.
  • LogMeIn Access Report - under Report->Management. Provides detailed reporting on all LMI sessions including user, computer, start time, end time, and duration.
  • ConnectWise REST API - implementation replaces current SOAP API. Current version of SOAP API was deprecated on June 1, 2017, which will be removed in one of the future versions of CW.
  • Device subtypes for CRM - Create new subtypes from provisioning policy, associate to each device type in policy from Device Types tab or associate to each device from Manage Devices, and update CRM site setup to pass them to CRM.
  • Replacement tokens for scheduled report recipients.
  • Disk Utilization Report - gain insight into the entire storage picture across all devices in an environment
  • Minor bug fixes
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