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Servoyant Integrates Ninite Pro for Easier 3rd Party Application Mangement

Now your favorite RMM tool just got even better, with the release of Servoyant 5.3 and the option to manage 3rd-party application/software deployment & patching using Ninite Pro!

We understand what a pain it can be for IT to try and keep all those constantly evolving third party applications up to date. Servoyant makes these tasks easier! With the integration of Ninite Pro, and the ability to add Ninite Pro job to a policy in Servoyant, third party applications/software can be deployed and updated on a regular basis, automatically.

With support for Ninite Pro, users of Servoyant are able to more quickly and efficiently deploy and patch products like Adobe Reader, Java, Firefox, Chrome, etc., with just a few clicks to set up. 

How Simple is it to Use Ninite Pro in Servoyant?

To use the Ninite Pro feature, simply schedule the job called “Execute Ninite Pro Installer” as seen below:

ninite job

Servoyant Ninite Pro Job Scheduling and Parameters

Once this job is selected, you will see the following options:

ninite job

Scheduled Job Parameters:

Add the job to your site policy to update apps on a regular basis, and let Servoyant handle all your 3rd party patching needs.


By default, this job utilizes the Servoyant-provided and integrated Ninte installer. The URL points at this installer and, if executed, will license the machine for Ninite for the current month.  You could also replace this with a download to your NinitePro.exe if you have a subscription to Ninite.

Ninite Programs:

Hit the lookup icon to retrieve a list of all supported applications available via Ninite. There are currently 111 listed applications which are supported via Ninite. Servoyant updates this list on a weekly basis. You can select all the programs you want to install or patch in a given job. For example, you could install 7-zip, Adobe Reader, Safari, and Java in a single job just by selecting the corresponding entries from the list.

ninite applications list


There are several options in this drop down, giving you the ability to perform any of the following actions:

  • Install
  • Audit
  • Repair
  • Uninstall
  • Update

If you are familiar with the Ninite command line, additional options can be specified in the AdditionalOptions field.

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