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Servoyant launches new support center, version 3.9 - April 2011

Continuing its trend of innovation and enhancement, Servoyant released version 3.9 of its SaaS-based network monitoring and management platform. With this release, Servoyant builds on an already substantial set of benefits to any IT organization through the addition of the following:

  • Automatic discovery, tracking and notification of Dell and HP warranties
  • Global Master Agents that allow external monitoring of multiple locations from a single agent
  • Top level search that provides for quick access to alerts, tests, devices, accounts, and contacts
  • Generic VBScript testing for building custom tests
  • Monitoring of StorageCraft ShadowProtect backups
  • Integration with Connectwise PSA
  • New Test templates for monitoring of HP and Dell printers
  • New event log monitors for HP and Dell servers as well as most common antivirus products on the market.
  • Multiple enhancements to views, reports, and other features making Servoyant faster and easier to use

Servoyant 3.8 launches with Added Functionality - November 2010

Servoyant continues improving and refining the Servoyant IT Management platform with new features designed to facilitate overall IT operations. In this new release, key features such as license tracking, management, and compliance reporting have been added. Dynamic, rules-based device groups are now part of the solution, so any action or view can be narrowed in on specific devices. These rules can be built based on device type, role, operating system, and installed software giving maximum flexibility. Additional features and enhancements include a live feed for new job results, account level service view definitions, as well as pre-populated knowledge outlining tests and possible resolutions.

Servoyant 3.6 adds Key Features - September 2010

Version 3.6 of Servoyant has been released with new features aimed at streamlining IT operations. One of the biggest challenges with all systems that perform monitoring and alerting is controlling the alerting noise that can be produced, especially when managing thousands of devices. Servoyant has multiple methodologies that are designed to ensure that alert conditions are actionable before generating the notifications of the condition. In this new release, additional functionality has been added to further enhance Servoyant’s ability to focus on actionable alerts. First and foremost, test schedules have been added, allowing you to granularly define time periods during which alerting should be disabled. Secondly, a maintenance mode feature now allows users of the platform to pause all Servoyant activity on target devices while upgrades or maintenance are being performed. Servoyant is now also available in French.

Servoyant 3.5 Offers Major GUI Upgrades - May 2010

With the launch of Servoyant 3.5, the platform is upgraded with an entirely new GUI framework. Additional search and filtering capabilities are added along with improvements to Servoyant’s asset management and scripting capabilities.

Servoyant breaks the 300 account mark - April 2010

Servoyant reached the key milestone of 300 accounts utilizing the Servoyant platform. These accounts come from all over the United States and Latin America.

Servoyant Agent 2.0 gets smarter - February 2010

With an aim at streamlining IT processes, Servoyant Agent 2.0 is launched with more intelligent discovery, additional device and application support, and key enhancements to the scripting engine.

Computer Troubleshooters USA chooses Servoyant - November 2009

Computer Troubleshooters USA selects Servoyant as its preferred vendor for remote monitoring and management. Key to this choice is the breadth of support for devices and applications, the accuracy of the monitoring, and the support provided by Servoyant’s staff. Computer Troubleshooters is the world’s largest IT franchise organization with 480 franchisees worldwide.

Servoyant 3.0 enhances device management - October 2009

Servoyant 3.0 is released, adding a new system view that facilitates management and monitoring of devices. This release also adds branding support and Autotask integration.

Servoyant announces multi-purpose agent - May 2009

Servoyant releases version 1.0 of the Servoyant multi-purpose agent. This agent automates deployment, discovery, and monitoring while also providing a foundation for performing management and maintenance functions. Automated remediation is a major new feature.

Advanced Analytics key to Servoyant 2.5 - April 2008

IT professionals embrace Servoyant 2.5 with the addition of advanced firewall analytics, statistical warnings, trend analysis, and automatic ticket creation. Combined with Servoyant’s previous feature set gives users of the platform new power.

Servoyant 2.0 brandishes a new look - October 2007

With a whole new interface, Servoyant 2.0 is a quantum leap in the evolution of Servoyant. Included in this release are AURA Analysis and alert correlation, integration with Microsoft WSUS, and scheduled maintenance tasks. Additional support for Symantec and Asigra is added.

Sevoyant 1.8 Released - February 2007

Servoyant 1.8 is launched, adding integration support for Tigerpaw Software and monitoring templates for Foundry Networks, Hewlett Packard, and Juniper Networks.

Key Account Acquisition - September 2006

Servoyant acquires several MSP accounts, adding more than 600 core infrastructure devices to the platform.

Servoyant 1.5 Released - June 2006

Servoyant 1.5 goes live. Key new features include scheduled reporting and automated collection of asset information. Templates for devices from Cisco are added.

Illumen Selects Servoyant - January 2006

Denver-based Illumen selects Servoyant as its platform of choice for providing managed services to its clientele.

Servoyant 1.0 Released - December 2005

Servoyant 1.0 is released. With a focus on core network infrastructure such as servers and snmp devices, Servoyant 1.0 provides a solid, multi-tenant, SaaS monitoring platform.

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