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Servoyant Version 6.0 RMM Platform: Improved Usability, New Features!

Servoyant, LLC., one of the MSP industry's broadest and most capable unified RMM platforms, has officially announced and launched Servoyant version 6.0.

"Version 6 is the latest in the evolution of Servoyant. It takes a huge leap forward in terms of usability and features," states Enrique Krajmalnik, President and CEO of Servoyant, "we have introduced more single-click actions, and deep discovery and automated monitoring of hypervisors, just to name a few of the exciting enhancements in this release. Our team dedicates itself on a daily basis to improving the effectiveness of IT professionals everywhere, and there are more improvements coming."

Some of the great new features in Servoyant 6.0 include:

  • VMWare Discovery and Monitoring Wizard - Access Servoyant's entire battery of VMWare monitors and dashboards.
  • New Patch Manager - Completely decoupled from WSUS with the ability to schedule different policies to different devices.
  • Single Click Patch Installation and Removal - From the patch grid and patch reports
  • Internal Alerts - New alerts notify you of hardware changes, software changes, missing AV, missed backups, and more!
  • Client Access Portal - Quickly and simply configure end-user access to Servoyant as a remote control tool for their use! Grant access to specific devices for ultimate control.
  • Credentials Store - Credentials for devices, applications, tests and jobs can be stored securely for use as needed from within Servoyant.
  • Job Staggering - Configure jobs to run in a staggered manner in order to reduce load on network resources.
  • Force Scheduled Jobs to Run - When offline agents come back online
  • Additional Security Features - Including verification of password strength, password expiration intervals, and idle timeout enforcement.
  • More Jobs, Additional Tests, and More!

About Servoyant

Servoyant, LLC. is a leading remote monitoring and management system that unifies network monitoring, management, automation & reporting into a single, intuitive platform. Servoyant is offered as cloud-based (SaaS) or an appliance, can coexist on existing equipment, and dedicated hardware is not required. With a quick signup process, rapid deployment, provisioning templates and automated discovery, administrators can remotely manage and monitor an entire network in minutes. For more information, visit the Servoyant website at

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