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Servoyant 4.0 - New Features & Enhanced Interface

network monitoring dashboard

WOW! There, we said it. And you will say it, too, after trying out Servoyant 4. Why? Because Servoyant 4 really rocks!

We have taken the best of what we already had, combined it with a ton of new features, and wrapped it all up in our best interface to date.

The result? An amazingly powerful and intuitive monitoring and management platform that covers all of your IT needs, from the edge to the desktop, including servers and applications.

Here is a sample of some of the new features of Servoyant 4:

  • A revamped, restyled, and reorganized user interface that is much easier to navigate (and more pleasant to look at)
  • Network discovery to make provisioning and detection of non-PC assets simple and automatic
  • Multi-tenant Asigra integration - if you are an Asigra MSP, you can now monitor and report on backup jobs across all systems you may manage
  • Enhanced device views that combine asset, configuration and performance information in a simple and powerful interface, giving you full control over the devices.
  • More jobs and templates, including support for VMWare ESX and ESXi.
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