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Servoyant 4.1 - New Features, New Enhancements!

So a few months ago we posted a press release indicating Servoyant 4.0 was the best version of Servoyant. In fact, we were so bold as to say “IT ROCKS”. While we didn’t lie, time has moved on and the Servoyant R&D team has been hard at work trying to add more features and functionality while also making Servoyant even easier to use. Did we accomplish our goals? We think so, and now you will be able to see the results of those long hours of design, coding, and testing.

Servoyant 4.1 adds some key features and enhancements designed to extend the reach of the platform and make your job as an IT professional easier. Some of the key features include:

  • A new adaptive SNMP trap receiver allowing Servoyant to receive and intelligently parse trap notifications that can then be turned into alerts within Servoyant.
  • Enhanced automatic provisioning through an all new dynamic deep device inspection. You will instantly see the benefits when monitoring applications such as Exchange, where Servoyant automatically determines what to monitor based on machine role, installed version, etc…
  • Major improvements to the ServoyantRC which now allows you to support remote devices such as PCs and Macs from an Android, WebOS, or iOS powered tablet or smartphone. New features also include port redirection that enables connecting to devices utilizing native apps such as telnet to devices behind firewalls.
  • 5) Integrated support for Cisco Physical Security products such as the Cisco Video Surveillance Media Server and Operations Manager platforms, allowing security VARS to remotely monitor and manage multiple devices and clients from a centralized console.
  • Over 50 other improvements to the GUI, the agent, and the overall experience with Servoyant.
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