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Servoyant 5.0 - Improved Out-of-the-Box Experience.

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The rumors were true! The next release of Servoyant went live on April 17th, 2012. This new release packs a ton of new features into the product including:

  • Integration with LogMeIn Pro so you can now choose to use LMI as the go-to remote control solution from within Servoyant.
  • Globally inherited provisioning policies with custom overrides - this means fewer places to make changes, and a single change can be applied across all your sites.
  • Improved, granular maintenance scheduling for both recurring and on-demand maintenance allows Servoyant to automatically take devices out of maintenance mode when the maintenance period has expired.
  • Enhanced dynamic group creation with support for global groups. Create based on whether software or services are installed or not installed, device manufacturer, device role, IP range, and other criteria, including the ability to build complex queries with several criteria using a simple Query-By-Example form.
  • Single-click test creation for monitoring key services and processes - it doesn't get much easier than this for creating tests from live device views.
  • Targeting of jobs against devices and groups, even across sites - simultaneously!
  • New patch setup process grants you different settings based on device type as part of your provisioning policy. No more jobs to run in order to set up patching.
  • Slicker, quicker interface
  • A much improved out-of-the-box experience with fewer setup steps, less clicking, and even more automation and power!

And that is just the tip of the iceberg. If you have any questions about the upcoming release, please feel free to contact us.

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