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Oh No...Not Another RMM Tool? Servoyant Isn't Your Average RMM Tool.

By: Enrique Krajmalnik

You have heard it all before. Buy this new RMM tool and all your problems will be solved. Yea...right. So why are we sending you an email about what you think is probably just another RMM tool? Precisely because we are not just another RMM tool. How are we different? Read on...

Our roots come from the MSP space, so we know your struggles and your pain. After trying and investing in many platforms, we finally decided to start writing our own in 2006. From the onset our goals have been simple:

  • Provide the tools MSP's need to run their technical operations efficiently Build a system that grows with you, so you never have to invest in additional tools to perform your monitoring and management tasks
  • Make it platform agnostic so that you can monitor and manage any AV, backup, or operating system
  • Provide a depth to testing unrivaled in the industry
  • Give you tools to automate tasks, including complex remediation functions, without knowing how to program
  • Make sure we enahnce your day-to-day processes, not hinder them

So who is behind this? Remember those pesky gus from Illumen? Ever wonder what happened to them? Now you know! After the foray into the PSA add-on space ended, development resources were focused on Servoyant, and this is the result. We invite you take a look at our web site for additional information. Or contact us and we would be happy to demo Servoyant for you. We promise you will walk away with a few useful nuggets of information for your business should you contact us.

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