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Servoyant Version 5.2 Launched!

Servoyant, LLC., one of the MSP industry's broadest and most capable unified network management systems, has officially announced and launched Servoyant version 5.2. 

"This is an incremental update designed primarily to improve your Servoyant experience. It is based to a large extent on the feedback we have received from you, our fellow Voyants" states Servoyant's President and CEO, Enrique Krajmalnik.

Some of the new enhancements in Servoyant 5.2 include:

  • Improvements to the integrated AV scanner (dual engine) that will allow for version and pattern updates to be pushed simultaneously with a scan request
  • New API that allows for external program integration with Servoyant (keep an eye out for an announcement in Q1 tied to this - hint, your browser will no longer be the only way to interact with Servoyant!)
  • Instant, single-click creation of event log tests
  • Active and completed jobs are now separated in the interface
  • Ability to create desktop shortcuts for LogMeIn and ServoyantRC connections to machines
  • New merge tokens for email templates
  • Ability to custom brand for customers directly from Servoyant
  • Default IP ranges in Network Discovery job, making it easier and more intuitive to run
  • And More!

About Servoyant

Servoyant, LLC. is a leading unified network management system that unifies network monitoring, management, automation & reporting into a single, intuitive platform. Servoyant is offered as cloud-based (SaaS) or an appliance, can coexist on existing equipment, and dedicated hardware is not required. With a quick signup process, rapid deployment, provisioning templates and automated discovery, administrators can remotely manage and monitor an entire network in minutes. For more information, visit the Servoyant website at

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