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At the end of the day, it's all about making sure the applications that run your business are available and responsive.

All that infrastructure we have is there for one reason alone: To deliver applications and data to the devices your employees, customers, and other stakeholders use. These could be web sites clients access to check order status. It might be your internal CRM database used by customer service. Whatever it is, it has to be up and fast, or you lose productivity or even worse...the trust of your customers. Monitoring these elements is one way to get a handle on your applications, allowing you to detect issues and even pinpoint root cause, reducing time to repair significantly.


Running Exchange? No problem. Servoyant determines the version and monitors the appropriate services, performance counters, and other key metrics to ensure your users have a proper Exchange experience. Keep track of problems like dismounted stores, back pressure, latency, queued up messages, store size, mail flow, etc...Exchange specific views, reports, and dynamic grouping of Exchange servers makes monitoring and management of these devices a snap.

Microsoft SQL

Are you dependent on SQL? Servoyant also discovers MS-SQL and automatically starts monitoring it. Plus you can get into more in-depth transaction monitoring as Servoyant allows you to perform queries against the database, measuring values and response times, to simulate end-user interaction with your applications. Now imagine doing this from different endpoints throughout your network? That would make troubleshooting or isolating a problem site or segment a snap.

Web Site Monitoring

Utilizing integrated tools such as port monitoring, URL response monitoring, and URL content monitoring, you can ensure that web sites are available and secure. Response time measurements indicate end-user experience, and with the ability to monitor from multiple locations, including checking web sites via Servoyant’s Global Master Agents, you can rest assured that any issues that potentially impact users can be detected and mitigated.

Native Support for Popular Applications

Servoyant ships with out-of-the box tests and support for the following applications and databases:

  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • Microsoft Exchange
  • MDaemon
  • Blackberry Enterprise Server
  • And More...

Application Views

Through Servoyant’s easy to use web interface you can build application specific views. These views can include all the tests on which delivery of the monitored application depend - from network connectivity to web portals and all the server elements in-between. Use these views to quickly pinpoint root cause when application issues occur.

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