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PSA Integration

Integration with the major PSA platforms means we plug right into your business processes.

Your business revolves around your PSA package. It is where you track all your customers, contacts, tickets, contracts, projects, etc... Maintaining a link between Servoyant and your PSA translates into up-to-date information and greater efficiencies for your organization.

Servoyant integrates with Autotask, Connectwise, and Tigerpaw. We even let you use different integrations for different accounts.

Integration Features

  • Tickets can be created in the PSA manually via single-click or automatically via resolution profile
  • Tickets will contain all the information Servoyant collects for the alert including device name, IP, date/time of occurrence, test description, etc...
  • Tickets will be linked to the corresponding device in the PSA
  • Ticket status will be updated in Servoyant from the PSA
  • Tickets can be created with a default priority or with the specific priority that is assigned to the test that triggered the alert
  • Servoyant provides for a “closed-loop” system as an option whereby a closed ticket will clear the corresponding alert in Servoyant
  • Servoyant provides an auto-clearing system that will clear the alert when the alert condition has been resolved as an alternative method.
  • Device configurations will be exported from Servoyant to the PSA automatically in order to maintain current configurations in your PSA system.
  • Contacts can be synchronized from your PSA to Servoyant

Servoyant will also retrieve all ticket header information to provide a single source of reporting on:

  • Ticket response time
  • Resolution time
  • Tickets by incident type

All integrations are included with Servoyant at no additional cost.

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