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Audit and Inventory

The first step to efficient IT management...done right!

Without in-depth knowledge of your installed assets, managing a network could be a daunting task. Servoyant understand this, performing a detailed discovery of every device with the Servoyant agent in order to understand the hardware and software that is currently installed. It is the foundation for monitoring and managing today's modern systems.

Servoyant's agent-based approach means that even machines that are not connected to the domain will be inventoried on a daily basis, ensuring that the latest configuration information is always available. Servoyant perfroms both agent-based and agentless discovery, collecting detailed hardware and software from these devices, including detailed software licensing information for over 200 products.

Agentless scans can also be performed to collect information from devices without agents, allowing you to discover printers, routers, switches, firewalls, and non-Windows computer assets such as Linux and Mac-based machines. Scan entire ranges of IP's in just minutes, and the results will be displayed in the Servoyant console, indicating which devices are currently being monitored and which ones are not. Adding devices to Servoyant for monitoring is as simple as clicking a link and selecting the proper template.

Hardware Details

Collect key information such as:

  • System BIOS
  • CPU Type, Speed, etc...
  • Memory size, speed, type
  • Video card details
  • Network interface details
  • Motherboard manufacturer and model
  • Device serial number and part number
  • Drive size, model, interface type, partition info
  • Operating System and Service pack info

Search, sort and report based on any of the criteria via PDF, HTML, or XLS/CSV export.

Software Details

Gather specifics on installed software including: Program Name Manufacturer Install Date Version

Install Location

Search, sort and report based on manufacturer, machine, or installed instance, with canned reports based on members of the Business Software Alliance. Generate branded PDF reports, HTML-friendly reports, or export to XLS/CSV for external manipulation.

Dynamic Device Grouping

Leverage the information collected via Servoyant's audit and inventory functions in order to dynamically create device groups. These groups can be based on machine type, role, chassis type, IP range, manufacturer, and installed software. The rules can be simple or complex, and they can even be built on a piece of software not being installed on a machine. These groups can then be used for reporting and automation tasks, making your life as an IT professional easier!

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