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Firewall Monitoring Tools

Because up/down is not enough.

We understand that knowing if your firewall is up or down is not enough. More often than not, issues that appear are related to bandwidth usage, attacks, malware, or a user that just doesn't know any better. With Servoyant you can identify the source of these issues.


Track availability of the firewall either internally, externally, or both in order to ensure access to resources. Information including latency and packet loss is collected and tracked for up to 12 months!


Use SNMP to collect performance information about the firewall. CPU utilization, memory utilization, active sessions, interface bandwidth and errors. In some cases we can also monitor temperature, fan state, power supply state, and other key factors affecting your firewall's health. Do you have a UTM appliance such as Fortinet or Sonicwall? No problem. We can help you monitor things like http requests denied, viruses blocked, and other key indicators that help you show your value.

SNMP traps can also be received by the Servoyant agent, alerting you when there is a hardware failure, an attack, or when other threshold conditions have been met in the device.


Advanced traffic analysis is available for firewalls from Juniper, Cisco, Sonicwall, and Fortinet. Simply send your firewall's syslog stream to a Servoyant Master Agent, and watch us produce detailed reports of top protocols, top talkers, top sessions, and top rules from your firewall. Drill down into specific sections of the report for detailed views into traffic.

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