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Now you can have your patches and manage them, too!

Patch management is a crucial part of modern systems management. With the prevalence of security threats and the frequency of updates, it is important to have full visibility into the patch status of all your managed devices. Servoyant helps bring all of this into a single pane of glass through integration with some of today’s most common and leading products. Add to that the power of Servoyant’s job engine, and your systems will be up-to-date and secure with a minimal amount of effort.

Leveraging Microsoft WSUS and Ninite Pro, Servoyant can monitor, report, and manage patch status of many products, including the most commonly used applications from Microsoft, Adobe, Java, and others. Servoyant allows you to pre-define patching setups for different types of devices within your provisioning policies, ensuring that all of your managed devices are properly patched.

Enhanced Windows Patching

In addition to using the WSUS client built into windows, Servoyant has built in support for a 3rd party WSUS client that can actually be used to complement standard Windows patching. Using this client will allow you to run Servoyant jobs to execute patching (not just detecting missing patches) on a schedule that is defined from within Servoyant.

Third Party Application Deployment and Patching using Ninite

More quickly and efficiently deploy and patch products like Adobe Reader, Java, Firefox, Chrome, etc...


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