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Network Alerting

I need to know what's going, regardless of where I am or what I am doing.

If you are like most IT professionals today, you need to be a master of one thing - multitasking. Between end users, vendors, carriers, the flow of communication to keep all stakeholders up-to-date and functional is more critical than ever.

Navigating Alerts


With a rich web interface and optimized dashboards, you and your team can stay on top of everything that is going on with the devices and applications you support. All dashboards are generated dynamically to keep you informed on all monitored activity. Some of the dashboards available in Servoyant include:

  • High level dashboards summarizing infrastructure availability, response time and utilization
  • Tactical alert views pinpointing actionable items
  • System dashboard providing iconic indicators of device conditions
  • Device specific dashboards giving you drill down and deep-dive capabilities
  • Application specific dashboards
  • Backup monitoring dashboards supporting many industry standard products

Resolution Profiles

What good is a monitoring system if all it does is monitor? That is very much part of our philosophy at Servoyant - to give you, today’s overworked IT professional, a platform you can use to automate your workflows and resolutions that are triggered based on the results of the collected telemetry.

Servoyant's resolution profile makes it super simple to build these workflows to meet your needs. From raising an alert in the console to sending one-time or continuous email notifications, we have it covered. Adding additional steps such as restarting services or executing scripts can be integrated into your workflow, as can automatically creating a ticket in your ticketing system.

Drag and drop controls allow you to easily modify the order of execution, and you can easily define the timing of each step within the profile, giving you granular control over the resolution process. You can even have multiple steps that may restart services or execute scripts - even different scripts at different stages of the profile - and Servoyant’s decision engine will determine if the the step needs to run or not. It is almost like having an additional technician available 24x7 to help you resolve issues in near real-time, following the steps you have configured.

Unstable Test Detection

Admit it...you’ve said it before, maybe even yelled it. Or you have gotten so close to throwing that smartphone across the room because the alerts won’t stop. Enough already. I know that we have hit our threshold on disk space, so stop bugging me!

A test that is flapping on a condition will often wreak havoc on your sanity. Servoyant can be configured to automatically detect those tests and suppress notifications, giving you back control over the situation and the peace-of-mind needed to focus on critical issues.

Statistical Warnings

Alerting on test thresholds and defined conditions is one thing, but being able to profile the normal behavior of a test and alert when it is statistically anomalous is another. Servoyant can do both! And with Servoyant’s statistical warnings, these notifications can notify you in advance of those pre-defined thresholds or conditions, giving you the extra time needed to properly address a potentially catastrophic issue.

Master Tests

Servoyant’s agent-based architecture automatically builds certain test dependencies that reduce alerting noise. For example, an off-line agent will not trigger any alert other than the notification that the agent is off-line. Gone are the days when every other test sends out notifications.

On top of that, you can easily build test relationship by assigning a Master Test - a test upon which other tests depend. When this test goes into an alert condition, the dependent tests are notified of this and alerts are suspended automatically. Only the Master test alert is triggered, thereby reducing the noise and helping you keep your sanity.

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