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Remote Network Access

If you absolutely, positively have to be there...

Sometimes there is just no other way to address an issue or help a user. You absolutely, positively have to launch a remote connection to a device. While the days of rolling a truck for every little problem or trying to walk a user through screens over the phone are long gone, all remote access technologies are not created equal. Servoyant leverages the most powerful remote technician tools to help you do your job, keeping your technicians and your clients working at peak levels.

SSH and Telnet*

Built-in Java-based SSH and Telnet clients allow you to connect to routers, switches, and other devices using command line interfaces. Parameters such as target IP address are automatically passed to the sessions, reducing the effort required to establish the connection.


So many devices today use web interfaces for management. Connect to these devices directly from Servoyant with the click of a link.

VNC and RDP*

Need access to a remote desktop? You can use browser-based VNC or Java-based RDP clients that are built right into Servoyant to gain access to remote users.

What if I Need More?

Remote desktop tools are great, but what if I need more? What if need something that will work on on different systems such as Macs and Linux machines as well as Windows and will give me diagnostic tools and file transfer capabilities? Well, we have solutions, because we are right there with you on this.

Servoyant includes not one, but TWO remote technician tools. Just pick the one you wish to deploy on the target machines, or run both (additional charges may apply if you run both).


Powered by SimpleHelp, the ServoyantRC can be deployed automatically via Servoyant and launched utilizing a single-click from any device, alert, or systems view in the platform. ServoyantRC is Java-based, full featured, and can coexist with other remote tools. Once the session is launched, you have full access to the user’s desktop just as if you were sitting there. Transfer files, execute remote commands, and view near real-time performance metrics.

LogMeIn Pro

Included with each Servoyant license is a LogMeIn Pro license. Use the power of this industry leading remote control, diagnostic, and support tool directly from Servoyant. Deploy it automatically to all or some of your machines and launch it with a single-click directly from within Servoyant. Use remote registry editing tools, end-user chat, real-time performance metrics, manage services, processes, etc... all with a click’s reach!

If you already have an LMI Central account, you can plug into your existing account and even deploy ServoyantRC and have two single-click remote control options directly from the Servoyant console.

NTRSupport Ultimate

If you are already using NTRSupport Utlimate from NTRGlobal, an ASG Software company, you can leverage the NTR API to launch remote control sessions directly from Servoyant

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