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Desktop Management Tools

Does anyone really like managing desktops? Servoyant does!

While server downtime may be more impactful in the short term than desktop issues, over time the productivity losses at the desktop are potentially more significant. Plus wouldn't you like to reduce the number of service desk calls in general? Using the 360 degree approach Servoyant provides, from asset management to performance monitoring and maintenance automation, discover how Servoyant's unified solution can help you provide faster service, more value, and a better overall experience to your end-users.

Asset Management

Servoyant's lightweight agent automatically collects all pertinent hardware and software information on a daily basis, keeping your device inventories current and accurate. In addition,. Servoyant collects warranty information and tracks life-cycles, allowing you to alert and report on devices that need to be replaced.

Performance Monitoring

Keep an eye on critical system parameters such as CPU, disk, and memory utilization, so you can avoid problems before they occur. Constant monitoring of anti-malware software, hard drive status, and event logs keep you in the loop so you can take either manual or automated action. The result is that machines operate more efficiently.

Remote Control

Should you need to remotely access a computer for diagnostics, troubleshooting, or application assistance, you can utilize any of the supported methods. ServoyantRC is a firewall-friendly remote support tool that can be launched with a single-click and is included with every license of Servoyant. Prefer to use LogMeIn? No problem! You can implement that instead of ServoyantRC. It works the same way - single-click and you're in! Are you already using NTRSupport Ultimate? No problem. We can handle that, too.


Apply a standard patching configuration via Servoyant's provisioning policies and continually monitor the patch status of all your machines from the Servoyant console. When a new patch comes out that needs to be applied immediately, simply use Servoyant's Job Engine to push out a task to remove the patch.

Configuration Management

How cool would it be if you could pull a machine out of the box for a user, connect it to the network, and have it automatically configured to your specifications? This is actually something that Servoyant can do for you. Once the Servoyant agent installs on a machine, Servoyant can deploy software, create user accounts, set passwords, install printers, configure registry keys, etc... Talk about a real time saver!

Automated Maintenance

Routine maintenance helps prevent problems and keeps machines running optimally, providing users a better experience. Create custom maintenance jobs including crucial tasks such as cleaning up file system debris, defragmenting drives, running malware scans, or anything else you can conjure. Schedule these jobs to run on a recurring basis and easily report on these jobs to your stakeholders, further reinforcing your value.

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