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Firewall Friendly Agent

The secret to your success…

Today's distributed networks create unique challenges for traditional monitoring systems. Firewalls, mobility, and compliance requirements all create complexity for system administrators. Servoyant understands these issues and has designed our system around a lightweight, fast, multi-purpose agent that communicates with the Servoyant platform over HTTP. Since all sessions are initiated by the agent over a common port, there are typically little to no firewall changes required. Plus laptops that are off the network continue communicating with the Servoyant platform, allowing you to continue monitoring and managing the device as well as supporting the user, regardless of location. The only requirement is that the device be connected to the internet - any connection works, including cell phone tethering, hot spot, hotel wi-fi, etc...

Our end-to-end security architecture utilizes multiple techniques to ensure data security and integrity. Advanced Encryption Standards (AES) 128-bit is used to secure the payload, which has already gone through two processes to ensure the data is not compromised. Asymmetric key exchanges are used to authenticate the sessions. This ensures that all communication and data exchange are secure.

Deployment Options

The Servoyant agent can be installed via a simple installer, via login script, or via GPO in a Microsoft Active Directory environment. In each case Servoyant creates a unique installer to be used on all the machines at a specific site. There is nothing to configure or define in the agent, as it will intelligently probe each device on which it is installed, collect a snapshot of the machine, and determine what tests are necessary to monitor the device. Once the determination is made, all of the tests are automatically programmed by the agent. Is your environment more secure such that outbound http connections are generally blocked? No problem. Servoyant has an optional gateway module which, when installed on a single machine with outbound access, can broker all the agent connections. This means that only a single device needs to be authorized for outbound connectivity.

Operating Modes

Built on a single code base, the Servoyant agent has 3 modes of operation: Desktop (or local mode), Master, and Global Master. As a desktop agent, Servoyant only monitors the local device on which it is installed. Flipping the operating mode over to Master via the console activates additional features in the agent, allowing you to perform network discoveries, monitor SNMP devices, and receive syslog traffic from infrastructure equipment within the same Servoyant site in which the devices are located. Set up a Global Master, and you can now monitor devices across sites from a single location. This is great for monitoring externally facing web sites or equipment.In all 3 modes the Servoyant agent is compact and efficient, using a minimal amount of system resources.

Servoyant Gateway

In situations where the Servoyant agents are not allowed to communicate over the internet to the Servoyant cloud platform, a single Servoyant gateway can be installed at the secure site. All agent communications are handled via the gateway, giving you a single point of exit and management. For machines that may leave the network such as laptops, the agent is smart enough to detect the change and use the regular connection if the gateway is not available.

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