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Network Configuration Management

Never lose track of a configuration change...ever!

Human error is the biggest factor resulting in network downtime. Estimates range anywhere from 50% to 80% of all downtime can be traced to human error. Being able to quickly track down configuration changes can greatly reduce the time to repair on critical issues, and that translates into real, hard dollars.

Tracking configuration changes is a challenge for most network administrators. A simple change in a 3000 line router configuration can break everything or severely impact performance. What if you could automatically collect configurations from these devices on a regular basis? And what if you could compare the configuration files from two different points in time and identify the changes between the files almost instantly?

What's more, Servoyant can dynamically collect configuration changes within minutes of those changes taking place, automatically. Those configurations are date and time stamped, stored in an encrypted manner, and linked to the source device. Imagine how much simpler audits will be when you can show a configuration history going back weeks, months, or years. And imagine how pleased your compliance officer will be with this capability. But most of all, and we cannot stress this enough, imagine how much time you will save when the occasional problem does occur, and Servoyant identifies, within seconds, the configuration changes made to the equipment.

Servoyant is compatible with many major manufacturers for configuration management, including Cisco, Hewlett Packard, Foundry (Brocade), Juniper and Fortinet.

But there's more. Servoyant can even document servers and desktop configurations. This is not just your standard hardware and software inventory. The Servoyant Job Engine can be used to collect all kinds of information from your equipment such as routing tables, ip configurations, local user lists, etc... Use your own custom Job Group to document your equipment based on your requirements, or use the included Windows Server Documentation job. The choice is yours.

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