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Automated Remediation

Here's a Tier 3 technician that works 24/7, never takes a day off and will always follow every process instructed to do.

If you are tired of having to respond to alerts all the time, why not implement something that can take care of it for you. Why not put in a system that can actually fix things for you automatically.

Servoyant's multipurpose agent can do just that by applying tier 3 knowledge towards the resolution and remediation of issues through either single step or multi-step actions. All of this is done automatically by resolving issues before alerts are generated, keeping systems running smoothly and increasing satisfaction and providing happy endings.

Resolution Profile

A Resolution Profile is a workflow that contains or defines the actions Servoyant will take when an alert condition is encountered. Servoyant resolution profiles are based on a logic tree that is designed to simulate the action(s) an IT technician would take.

Every test has a resolution profile associated with it, and every test collects some sort of telemetry from a monitored device. If a bad condition exists, Servoyant has the ability to execute a resolution profile. That resolution profile can have one or many actions - it's a decision tree. (For example, have I resolved the problem? If not move onto the next step, etc.) The actions can be as simple as restarting a service or as complex as the most sophisticated script your top engineers can produce. If one script doesn't fix it, Servoyant moves onto the next step and does so until the problem is fixed.

Resolution Actions

Many products require that you use their own proprietary scripting language, however Servoyant makes things easier by using industry-standard vbscript and powershell. Common resolution 52 resolution scripts are automatically included in the script libraries of Servoyant, and you can easily implement your own custom scripts. Notification steps can be included within the resolution profile in order to keep the appropriate people informed of the status, and the progress of the remediation. If these steps fail, Servoyant can automatically open a ticket in one of the supported ticketing systems.

Let Servoyant do the Dirty Work

Servoyant's automated remediation capabilities allow you to simulate actions you would take as a technician, increasing technician productivity and saving technician time to focus on other tasks. Let Servoyant do the dirty work first before altering your schedule or mitigating the issue altogether.

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